No man is an island: mannequins as part of brand identity

There must be customers in the store. Otherwise, it will be unprofitable and sooner or later will bankrupt. But how to keep the flow your potential customers? Let's try to find some solutions.

As example – there is a shopping and entertainment center. Among many stores there are also "COLIN'S" and "FINN FLARE". Both are very similar brands aiming similar customer groups (younger generation), and promoting active lifestyle. In addition, both stores offer similar products in the same price niche with a flexible system of discounts. But, naturally, they have different brand identities, interior designs and approach to POS-materials. Nevertheless, ordinary people seldom pay attention to such “insignificant” differences.
And here comes a logical question: how to compete at the same market and attract new customers? The proper choice of the mannequins could be such unexpected solution. Or rather, their unusual use.
We are all used to standing alone “plastic people” in branded clothes that supposed to showcase the products. And you could such stuff basically everywhere. The question is how to make the mannequins looking fresh and selling. Here some great examples we found interesting in regard to visual merchandising (without attention to other aspects of the brand identity).


An excellent case of using “running sportsmen” mannequins’ type. The world-famous brand specializing in sportswear aims to present its values using all the store’s design elements. Unfortunately, there are no great variety here, and it would be even better with more mannequins representing wider spectrum of sports, considering that Adidas sponsoring so many teams. This is the greatest advantage of the brand, and could defiantly improve the stores attractiveness in Minsk and all the world.


Quite similar situation and idea: representing sports but only with one “running” mannequin type. They could easily add mannequins with different “activities” to present brand’s products in all the Reebok stores.

Jack Jones

Big fancy masks on mannequins are really great catch and original idea. What is more important this wonderfully captures store’s general concept. Making such big visuals just for decorations doesn’t make sense. But in this case, they are supported by the brand values offering its customers unusual and authentic clothes of modern design. If you add couple more similar solutions, it would definitely become your store’s hallmark difficult just to pass by.
Here we presented just few approaches using mannequins for your store’s advantages. The main idea here is not to limit your creativity using all the possible successful elements of your brand identity
This could defiantly help your store win market competition and improve your customers’ loyalty in a long run.