Graffiti art in retail

New visual marketing instruments
What is a display window? This is not just a window with mannequins and POSM. First of all, this is effective visual marketing instrument that you could use for business advantage

The display window usually serves several tasks for the store: to attract customers, represent brand identity and, of course, to sell!
The graffiti on the store’s windows in Budapest.
This street retail element is example of good display window, even so there are no mannequins or even glass.
When you create a shop window design, it is necessary to take into account the store’s location, local urban infrastructure, your competitors, and store’s operating hours. Also, the proper display windows could help the retail space owner to increase the attractiveness of the building and as the result – rental incomes. He could replace simple windows with panoramic ones, install great lightening, etc.

The display window types differ on their location:
- on the facade of the shopping center;
- on the facade of the residential building floor;
- shop’s window;
- display window in mall.

They could also differ by the openness level:
- open display window provide full few of the store’s interiors;
- partially open – when you could see part of the store’s interiors, while significant part of the display windows is covered by the background or other elements of the exposition
- closed display window has the full-covered background
In our Vitrinistika design and marketing school, we teach what materials are used in display windows, and sometimes they are very unusual.

Rope, papyrus, tissue paper, acrylic, raffia, vinyl, drywall… – all these could have some use when creating display window. Or just take simple paint spray – decorators usually use it as a quick way to paint. Or you can use it for visual marketing and create a high-quality non-standard retail object with it.
Graffiti in retail on the streets of Warsaw, 2019
Mural is a fairly generalized concept. Any large drawing on the wall can be called a mural. These could be any street art pieces.

Mural painters give provide their works with much more artistic approach than ordinary graffiti artists. Alsoin contrast to graffiti murals are often performed legally, in agreement with the local authorities. For example, back in time in small Belarusian town of Zhodzina a group of retail graffiti appeared with the authorities’ approval.