Brochure holders types

...and how they could influence your business profit

Hope you would agree that very few people pay enough attention to brochures, and especially to their placement. Usually they are seen as some traditional stuff that should be in every place: most people think that they do not bring any additional purchases and profits but still have to be there. Let’s try to analyze brochure holders types and their placement ideas in order if they really have any value in retail.


First of all the brochure holders types could be classified according to material:

  • Cloth
  • Metal
  • Perforated metal sheets
  • Acryl
  • PVC
  • Natural materials


Secondly they could be defined by the placement:

• Floor brochure holders. Could be stationary and mobile. Stationary ones could be fastened to other structures. The mobile version speaks for itself: it could be moved and transported. They are usually used in exhibition or large public spaces with high traffic. The recommended height for them is 1500 mm in height.

• Table brochure holders. These holders are for the formats from A4 to A6. The brochure holders are placed on desks and at checkouts.

• Wall brochure holders. They are attached to the walls, they are also called stands.




To use brochure holders effectively you should follow couple simple rules:

1. Brochure holder must be placed in place with good visibility without any other physical obstacles;

2. Brochure holder should follow the same style as the surrounding interiors; similar rule applies to the brochures themselves, while they also should have something special, some accent to attach attention;

3. In smaller rooms up to 45-50 m2 table brochure holders could be enough. If there are a lot of brochures larger floor and wall ones could be added - the amount should depend on the space layout and traffic.
When choosing a brochure holder you should focus on the quality-price ratio; so, one of the best options is a tabletop brochure holder from natural material, such as for example solid wood
In more than 80% of our retail projects the customer asked to place an advertising stand. How do you think: the brochure holders are an archaism or an integral part of business in the 21st century?